Are Bigger Cars Really Safer Than Compact Vehicles?

bigger cars are saferAccording to conventional wisdom, full-sized cars, SUVs and pickup trucks are safer than compact cars. As collision repair experts, we can attest that this is true, but there is more to the story. To say that bigger cars are safer can be a bit of an overgeneralization. There are just so many variables involved. We will explain this in detail.

Bigger Cars Are Safer, But…

In a head-on collision between mismatched vehicles, the law of physics dictate that the smaller car is going to bear the major brunt of impact. This doesn’t mean, however, that choosing a large vehicle is automatically the best safety bet.

Larger cars are higher off the ground, making them more prone to rollovers. We would also go so far as say that a high-safety rated small car is better than a mediocre-safety rated large car. In fact, the 2010-2011 Toyota Prius, a compact car, has a lower driver fatality rate than several larger vehicles of the same model year. You can look up the comparisons here.

It is also worth noting that generally cars are much safer now than they were two decades ago. This is due to sturdier car frame materials, such as carbon fiber, which redirect crash forces. Also, the advent of new car technology has made daily commuting safer than ever. Electronic stability control, for example, is now mandatory in all vehicles manufactured after 2011. Stability control drastically reduces the odds of a rollover or the car’s skidding out of control.

We Handle Collision Repairs on Cars of all Sizes

It’s better to look at the overall safety rating rather than the size of the car alone. In any case, bring your car to Absolute Auto Body if a collision does take place. Our full range of service covers repairs, car rental, and towing. All of our repairs are backed by a warranty.

Bigger cars are generally safer, but car size is only one of many factors; don’t pay too much attention to the maxim that bigger is better.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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