Why You Should Never Accept Cash After A Collision

Cash after a collisionIt’s not unusual for an at-fault driver to offer you cash payment following a seemingly minor fender bender. In return, of course, you won’t report the incident to law enforcement and your insurance company. Should you ever accept cash after a collision? We strongly advise against doing so.

3 Reasons Not to Accept Cash After A Collision

1. Out-of-Pocket Repairs

Whatever amount of cash you were given, it might not be enough to cover the damage to your car. If you go through the proper channels, your insurance company will cover the cost of collision repairs or minimize your out-of-pocket expense.

Even if the damage appears minor on the surface, that dented frame or fender may have lost its structural integrity; it may not be able to hold up should you be in another collision. What appears as a small dent may require the entire part to be replaced and cost you thousands of dollars.

2. Injury Coverage

The collision may have caused a whiplash injury that you may not notice until several days later. You are responsible for all medical expenses if you fail to report the incident. If you report the accident, most medical expenses will probably be covered by the insurance of the driver at fault.

3. Rental Coverage

Collision repairs, auto paint restoration, and other services may take several days. You will likely need a rental car in the meantime. This is something the insurance pays for. Of course, failing to report the incident means 100% out-of-pocket cost for renting a car.

We Handle all Collision Repairs

Always report every accident, no matter how minor it may appear at first. Contact your insurance agency and follow up with a call to Absolute Auto Body. We can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs to restore your car, both on a functional and aesthetic level. Accepting cash after an accident is tempting, but it can also be financially costly.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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