Collision and Comprehensive Coverage: Know the Difference

Collision and Comprehensive CoverageOur clients often enquire whether their insurance covers collision repairs. We can’t provide a uniform answer because various factors are involved. How did the collision occur? More importantly, do you have collision or comprehensive coverage? Many insurance holders use these two terms interchangeably, but they indicate different levels of coverage.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Comparison

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance, as its name suggests, covers repairs and restorative paint work associated with a collision. This may be a collision with another vehicle or striking a stationary object, such as a light pole or newspaper rack. The coverage applies to your vehicle only. Liability insurance takes care of damage to other people’s property.

Comprehensive Coverage

Contrary to popular belief, comprehensive coverage doesn’t exactly cover “everything under the sun.” It should not be confused with complete coverage. Comprehensive insurance generally covers any scenario not covered by collision coverage. This might include instances, such as:

  • Hitting a deer
  • Car theft
  • Damage from vandalism
  • Acts of Nature, such as damage caused by a hailstorm

Should You Sign Up for One or Both?

We generally recommend collision insurance if the premiums paid in five years is less than the current value of the car. If you’re paying $500 a year for collision coverage, that would be $2,500 in five years. If the Kelley Blue Book currently values your car at more than $2,500, then collision coverage is worth the cost.

Comprehensive coverage is more simple: get this coverage if your car is new, or if it’s required under the provisions of your finance loan.

We Work with Various Insurance groups

Vehicles can incur damage, whether on the road or parked on a driveway. Absolute Auto Body restores cars, whether the damage was from a collision or a falling tree branch. Visit our gallery to see the work we perform. Collision and comprehensive coverage may cover the various scenarios, but may not always be worth the long-term cost.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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