Everything You Need to Know About Car Bumpers

car bumpersThe bumpers are a big part of the car’s aesthetics. They are also there to protect the car against minor impacts. Just about all of our rear and frontal collision repairs, in fact, involve the bumpers to some degree. We’ll explain the role of the car bumpers and what they are and aren’t designed to do.

Why Car Bumpers Matter

Contrary to popular belief, a bumper is not intended to protect the car occupants from serious injury. The bumper’s main function is to protect components, such as the trunk, hood, fuel exhaust, cooling system, headlamps, and taillights in a low-speed collision.

The key word here is “low-Speed.” The bumper does no good in a head-on 50 mph collision. It’s designed to withstand impacts equivalent to a vehicle striking a stationary car of the same weight at 5 mph.

Bumpers also play a huge role in insurance costs. Many claims are for relatively small amounts of damage (under $1,500) to the rear or front of the car. The damage would be more severe if it wasn’t for the bumper.

The Rise of Plastic Bumpers

Many people are also unaware that most modern bumpers are made from plastic. Plastic is cheap to produce and can be easily styled to meet functional and aesthetic standards. The plastic itself may not be particularly durable. However, the material is strengthened with reinforcements, such as mounts and shock absorbers. This makes the bumper as impact-resistant as the metal bumpers that came before it.

We Restore and Replace Bumpers

Been in a collision? Bring your car over to Absolute Auto Body, and we’ll examine the extent of the damage. We’ll restore the bumper to full functionality and restore its appearance with professional auto paint. All restorations are backed by our warranty. Car bumpers are a mainstay in automobiles, and you shouldn’t take their role for granted.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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