The 4 Car Dent Types Explained

Car Dent TypesNot all dents are equal in type and degree of damage. Knowing the various car dent types can help you determine what caused the damage you’ve just discovered. Our collision repair center can restore all of the dent types listed below.

Common Car Dent Types

Round Dents

These are dents caused by round objects, such as a basketball or soccer ball. Damage from golf ball-size hail is another type, though less common in the Bellevue area. These dents are wider but hollower, making them quite easy to repair.

Sharp Dents

Whereas round dents are wider, sharp dents encompass a smaller diameter but are deeper, with a defined valley. Such damages frequently occur in parking lots where runaway shopping carts and the opening of car doors damage car surfaces. If the impact is severe enough, sharp dents can also result in punctured metal.

Creased Dents

When an object strikes a car, and is dragged along the vehicle surface, you end up with a creased dent. This may occur when a driver drives past a low-hanging tree branch, or when a bicyclist glides past a car and grazes the surface with the handlebar. Creased dents often also cause scratches that scrape away a layer or two of the auto paint.

Collision Dents

These are the dents of the worst kind. These are caused by impact from an object striking the vehicle at a fairly high speed. These impacts result in a large and irregularly shaped dent. Typically impact dents result from a collision with another vehicle or from hitting an animal or stationary object.

We Restore all Car Dent Types

Absolute Auto Body will restore any dent regardless of the type or what caused it. Our gallery showcases some of our work in action. Our process treats all car dent types for all vehicle makes and models.

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Car Dent Restoration No Matter the Dent Type

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