Watch Out for Towing Scams

towing scamsMost motorists have had to call for a towing service at least once in their life. This usually includes unexpected car collision scenarios, or when the car abruptly begins puffing smoke out of the hood. While awaiting towing, be wary of passing towers that may try to take advantage of your predicament. Towing scams, unfortunately, are all too real in and around Lynnwood.

How Towing Scams Work

Towing scammers, also known as “towing bandits,” actively watch for motorists pulled over on the side of the road. Sure, they’ll provide the needed assistance but then charge exorbitant fees well beyond the original quoted price. They will hold your car hostage at their compound unless you pay up.

Many bandit tow drivers also seek out parked cars on company premises and come up with bogus excuses for towing them.

How to Avoid Towing Scams

First, only accept towing from the towing company you call. If your insurance provider arranges a towing for you, acquire the name of the tow company.

Also, once the authorized tower arrives, do not let him hook your car to the truck until you see the printed invoice. This should outline the total fee, how much insurance covers, etc. When ready to go, know exactly where the tow driver will be taking your car. Will it be to the nearest auto shop or the tow compound? If the former, is the repair station an insurance-approved shop?

Car Troubles?

We provide towing as part of our additional services. We have a partnership with Simon & Sons towing service, so politely turn down passing towers with any other company name. The tower will bring your car to Absolute Auto Body where we perform collision and auto paint repairs. Don’t become a victim to towing scams and towing bandits looking to make a quick buck.

Collision Repairs and Tow Services

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