Good Responses for a Road Rage Incident

road rage, road rage responseEverett is a fairly large city with busy highways. Tailgating and cutting drivers off are common occurrences. Most people are level-headed enough to let these infractions go. However, some people may respond with road rage and violence. What should you response be in such a precarious scenario?

Confronted by a Driver With Road Rage?

Most road rage incidents are fairly minor and result in horn honks, yelling, and explicit hand gestures. In this instance, do not engage with the angry driver; don’t even make eye contact. Often, this is enough to diffuse the situation.

What if the driver begins tailgating and following you? If you feel threatened, call 911. Do not pull over and attempt to resolve the issue with the raging driver. Continue to drive even if a minor collision occurs.

If the angry driver persists in following you, look for a police station or even a fire department. If those are unavailable, then pull into a busy parking lot. Remain inside your car until law enforcement arrives.

What to Do in a Face-to-Face Confrontation?

In the event you exit your vehicle and the other driver confronts you, keep it cool and apologize. Say you’re sorry regardless of who’s at fault; safety comes before your pride. Don’t argue with the aggressor even if he or she was in the wrong.

How to Avoid Aggravating another Driver

You may enrage a motorist without even realizing it. To avoid angering a hot-headed driver, adhere to the following:

  • Never tailgate
  • Always use your turn signals
  • Always follow the right-of-way rules
  • Never abruptly change lanes, especially without signaling

Safety Is Priority

As a collision repair and auto paint service, we hear about road rage incidents all the time from customers. Bring your vehicle to Absolute Auto Body for servicing if it was in a fender bender. Remember, never engage with an irate road rage driver.

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