Beware of Spring Driving Dangers


Spring is in full swing. This may be a season of flowers and sunny weather. However, this also contains hidden dangers for commuters. Be mindful of the spring driving dangers. Stay safe on the road by knowing what to watch out for behind the wheel.

Active Wildlife

Many animals tend to be less active during winter. Some are in hibernation and completely dormant. However, once the weather warms up in spring, they begin actively moving about as they mate and forage for food. Beware of animals that can dart across the road without warning. At times, customers come to us for collision repairs after colliding with an animal.


Spring is the season of allergies. People who are really sensitive may take allergy medications, which often leads to drowsiness. Sleepiness impairs your ability to remain vigilant while driving. Always know the potentially dangerous side effects of the medications you are taking.


With warmer weather, more people are going to commute via bicycle. This increases the odds of a collision with a bicyclist. Carefully watch the shoulder of the road and give bicyclists plenty of room. A collision may only result in some scratched auto paint for you. However, it can mean serious injury or death for a vulnerable bicyclist.

Increased Speeds 

For whatever reason, people tend to increase speeds as the temperature rises. Watch your speed, especially in pedestrian and school zones. At the same time, actively scan the road for dangerous drivers who are driving way beyond the speed limit.

Remain Mindful of Spring Driving Dangers

Spring is a season of pleasant weather, flowers, and songbirds. However, the season also entails greater hazards on the road. Contact Absolute Auto Body for collision repairs and other services. Spring driving dangers are a real risk even for the most vigilant drivers. 

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