Does Your Car Require a Post-Repair Inspection?

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Assuming the car isn’t completely totaled after an accident, your most likely course of action is a collision repair. However, not all collision repair shops are of equal quality. This is why a post-repair inspection is beneficial for assessing the health of your vehicle after your collision damage has been repaired.

What Is a Post-Repair Inspection?

As suggested in its name, a post-repair inspection is an inspection that takes place AFTER repairs are completed at an autobody shop. Maybe you’re wondering why this is necessary.

The purpose is to inspect the quality of the initial repairs and determine whether further repairs are necessary. The inspection is performed by a neutral party, never by an inspector where the original repair was completed.

Diminished Value

Another major purpose of a post-repair inspection is to assess the car’s diminished value. Even after collision repairs, the car’s value may be less than it was prior to the accident. This may be due to the use of inferior aftermarket parts or repairs not being done to manufacturer standards.

Direct Repair Program (DRP)

Some repair shops have a partnership with insurance companies. This is known as DRP (Direct Repair Program). The insurance agency has the claimant bring their car to the specific autobody shop in exchange for lower fees. The lower costs usually result in the use of lower-quality parts and workmanship. As mentioned, this leads to diminished value. For this reason, we especially recommend post-repair inspections if the insurance company insists that you take your car to a certain shop.

We Perform Post-Repair Inspections

You may bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for a post-repair inspection if you had collision repairs done elsewhere. We stand behind our collision repair and auto paint restoration work and back it up with a warranty. Post-repair inspections determine whether repairs were done to standards the first time.

Post-Repair Inspections on All Car Models

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