Four Auto Collision Repair Terms Every Car Owner Should Know

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When you bring your car to the shop for collision repairs, the technician may throw around some industry-specific jargon. To avoid confusion, it helps to have at least a basic understanding of what these collision repair terms mean.

1. Exclusion

The exclusion is any part of the repairs that aren’t covered by your insurance provider. An example is the car interior’s upholstery, which insurance may not always cover, unless specific collision-related criteria are met. Other areas that are often excluded include minor dents and superficial damage to the auto paint.

2. Subrogation

Your insurance company may elect to cover additional repair expenses that are not covered under your policy. The term for this is “subrogation.” The insurance provider pays for the expense and later gets reimbursed from the at-fault party. Subrogation may also include medical expenses if the collision resulted in bodily injury.

3. LKQ

This is an acronym that stands for “like, kind, and quality.” This collision repair term refers to the overall condition of parts salvaged from another vehicle. LKQ consists of a series of measurements that determine whether a salvaged part meets the qualifications as a replacement part.

4. R&I and R&R

R&I stands for “repair and install.” R&I occurs when a part is removed and later reinstalled, provided, of course, that the part is still in usable condition. If not, then that is when R&R, or “repair and replace” is the next course of action. As you can probably conclude, R&R entails a replacement part.

Familiarize Yourself with These Collision Repair Terms

We use language that is easy for everyday car owners to understand when discussing repairs, warranties, and other services. Bring or tow your car to Absolute Auto Body if you were recently in a collision. Understanding common collision repair terms makes the process less of a headache.

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