Unibody Repair: A Collision Repair Method for Modern Cars

Absolute Auto Body performs unibody repairs, which is essential for cars manufactured in this decade. We serve Everett and Lynnwood motorists.

Not all auto collision repair shops are equipped or adept at handling unibody repairs. It’s important that repair shops be able to perform this type of vehicle restoration because most cars made in the last decade have a unibody frame. Let’s explore some of the fundamentals about unibody repairs.

What Is a Unibody Car?

Cars either have a unibody frame or a subframe. In a unibody design, the car’s entire frame consists of one single piece. A subframe, by contrasts, consists of multiple removable parts, with most of the components bolted to the car’s upper body.

Unibodies became commonplace beginning in the early 2000s, mainly in 2005 and beyond. They are favored because a unibody construction has more rigidity, making the chassis better able to withstand a collision. Unibodies have been proven to be far more reliable in impacts at speeds exceeding 25 mph.

The Truth About Unibody Repairs

Unibody repairs, though, are more difficult to perform than subframe repair. Unibodies tend to differ drastically between car manufacturers, with each requiring a customized repair process. In most instances, the repair requires the use of a special hydraulic tool to straighten the frame. This is an expensive piece of equipment that not all collision repair centers have.

Subframe repair, by contrast, tends to be a more simple process. The bent part can be cut away and a new part welded in. Welding may also be done as part of the unibody repair process. However, the process is far more involved compared to welding a subframe part. With unibody welding, very precise heat control is required, leaving far less room for error.

We Perform Unibody Repairs

Our collision center is up to date with the latest commercial equipment that meets the repair demands of modern cars. The same goes for our auto painting center. View our gallery to see our craftsmanship. Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for unibody repair done to standard.

Unibody Car Repair

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