Identifying the Common Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents

single vehicle accident cause, single vehicle collision When we think of auto collisions, we often think of one vehicle colliding with another. However, a sizable portion of road accidents are single-vehicle collisions. They are more commonplace than you might think. Understanding some of the primary causes of crashes involving a single automobile might help you avoid being a participant.


Winter in the Pacific Northwest includes bouts of thick fog, high winds, flooding, and the occasional dust storm. These factors can reduce visibility or reduce road traction. This can quickly lead to loss of control and a collision with a stationary object.

Road debris

When we think of stationary objects on the road/streets, we think of light or telephone poles. However, foreign objects lying smack in the middle of the road are also staionary. These include fallen trees, animal carcasses, or garbage. These are far more hazardous because you don’t expect to see them. Unexpectedly encountering their presence might force you to make a sudden swerve or lane change.


The Pacific Northwest is home to a diverse wildlife population, including deer, raccoons, bobcats, etc. Keep your eyes peeled when driving through an animal crossing section of road. Collisions with deer alone account for an average 1.5 million single-vehicle accidents every year in the U.S.

Construction Sites

It’s not unusual for single-vehicle collisions to occur around construction sites that close off a portion of the road. The way construction zones are set up can be confusing; it’s not always easy to just follow the orange cones. To avoid a single-vehicle accident, drastically reduce your speed when entering these areas.

We Perform Repairs from Single-Vehicle Collisions

It’s not uncommon for us to receive a vehicle from a collision that did not involve other cars. We can fully restore the vehicle, including its auto paint. See our gallery to view our handiwork. Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body if it was in a single-vehicle accident, no matter how minor or severe.

Single-Vehicle Collision Repair

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