Car Scratch Repair Kits in Everett: How Good Are They?

car scratch repair kits Everett Most local auto stores carry DIY car scratch repair kits. Can these kits really restore a scratch as advertised? Here’s what we have to say about these store-bought restoration kits.

How Car Scratch Repair Kits Work

Scratch repair kits are only designed to fill in surface-level scratches that haven’t penetrated the clear coat finish. The kits will work to some extent for minor scratches. In most cases, however, the filling will only minimize the scratch and not completely conceal it. Nevertheless, we believe these kits will suffice for restoring a small scratch on an older vehicle with a low resale value. For a recent model or luxury car, we recommend professional auto paint restoration.

DIY Attempts May Worsen the Appearance

Consumer Reports tested several scratch repair kits with mixed results. In its trial, several brands performed fairly decently, while others were absolutely worthless. In any case, Consumer Reports recommended professional repair for any scratches you can feel when running a nail over the blemish. We agree with this conclusion. Any DIY attempts may only worsen the appearance. No off-the-shelf scratch kit can adequately restore a deep scratch where the underlying metal is exposed. The only way to fully restore the car’s appearance is to use real auto paint that matches the vehicle’s original color. Our gallery showcases some fully restored cars which previously had deep scratches.

We’ll Fully Restore Even the Deepest Level Scratches

Scratches aren’t just superficial eyesores; they can drastically reduce the value of the vehicle. Whether the result of a runaway shopping cart or a minor collision, bring your car to Absolute Auto Body so we can restore it. We guarantee the results will be far superior than using a repair kit.

Paint Restoration Far Superior to Car Scratch Repair Kits in Everett

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Posted on June 9, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business