What to Do While Waiting for Towing Service in Everett

towing service Everett When your car breaks down in the middle of a commute, it’s not only inconvenient, it’s also dangerous. Although we are primarily a collision repair shop, one of our additional services includes towing, which we provide through our partnership with towing company Simon & Sons. We recommend taking every safety precaution while waiting for the towing service to arrive in Everett.

Choose an Ideal Location to Pull Over

If possible, refrain from pulling over on a busy junction. Park as far to the right as possible and try to stop under a street light or other easy-to-identify marker. If you have a reflective triangle, this would be the occasion to use it. Place it 100 yards behind the car.

Be Cautious of Strangers

An approaching stranger who offers help really can be a good Samaritan. On the other hand, he could have criminal intentions and be taking advantage of your predicament. Our recommendation is to stay in your car, keep your windows rolled up, and politely let the stranger know towing service is on its way.

Check ID

Check the tow service’s identification upon arrival. Why do you need to do this? An unscrupulous towing service which happens to pass by might offer to tow your car and end up charging you a hefty fee. Request to see the tow driver’s ID badge. At the very least, look at the logo on the truck to be sure it’s the tow company you’re expecting.

Need Towing Service in Everett?

Contact Absolute Auto Body after a collision or car breakdown. We can arrange for towing and/or transportation. We can address any other service you need, such as collision repair or auto paint restoration, after you’re safely off the side of the road. Remember, put safety above all else when waiting for a tow; we can’t stress that enough.

Full Collision Services in Everett, from Repairs to Towing Service

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Posted on August 11, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business