Car Colors That Hide Dents and Scratches Best in Lynnwood

colors that hide dentsAny type of vehicle blemish is undesirable no matter the exterior color. Even so, dents and scratches are more pronounced on some auto paints. Do even minor imperfections on your car make you weak in the knee? If so, here are a few car colors that hide dents and scratches quite well. Consider these palette options the next time you go car shopping in Lynnwood.

The Best Car Colors That Hide Dents and Scratches

White does a pretty good job at hiding surface wear. This is due to the bright color that minimizes the appearance of blemishes on a sunny day. Light gray has the same effect for hiding small dings. Of course, you’ll definitely notice the dent or scratch because it’s your car, but it won’t be as noticeable to the casual passerby. The color beneath the paint is also whitish/grayish in color, allowing scratches to blend with the surrounding paint.

The Flip Side

Unfortunately, dirt and grime also show more easily on lighter colors. Of course, you can minimize this by washing the car frequently or avoiding off-road terrains. In any case, that’s the trade-off if you absolutely can’t stand even minor nicks and chips.

If white conceals dents the best, then you can probably guess that black does the opposite. Black paint on metal is also notorious for showing swirl marks after a car wash. The same goes for darker bold colors, such as maroon, burgundy, and navy blue.

We Restore Dents Regardless of Car Color

Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for restoring a blemish. We fix all types of damages from surface scratches to major collision repair. Our gallery showcases the work we do across all auto color styles. While some car colors hide dents well, we believe car owners should restore any imperfections regardless of vehicle hue. Contact us today for a consultation!

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