How to Fight Off Drowsy Driving in Lynnwood

drowsy driving lynnwoodHave you ever nodded off at the wheel? It’s a scary feeling, especially if, when you awaken, you find you’ve narrowly missed going off the road or hitting another vehicle. Drowsy driving is really dangerous, and can result in serious injuries and even death. Following are a few safety tips to help you avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

Drowsy Driving Statistics

According to AAA, falling asleep while driving accounts for 12.5% of fatal collisions. One in three drivers have admitted to nodding off behind the wheel.

As drivers, we resort to a variety of methods to stay awake. Many of us use caffeine. Others choose listening to loud music, opening the windows toi let the cold air in, eating, and talking on the phone.

Combatting Driving When You’re Tired

We don’t really recommend any of the methods mentioned above. Drinking caffeinated drinks produces an immediate surge of energy, but it doesn’t last long. This isn’t good if you’re going to be on the road for more than an hour. Research shows that methods like singing and opening the windows aren’t effective for long.

We believe these methods are more effective:

  • Switch drivers with a well-rested passenger
  • Avoid alcohol intake, even in moderation
  • Avoid driving during nighttime hours if possible
  • Take a power nap before you get in the car. You can also pull over for a quick nap halfway through your trip.

Check Your Energy Levels Before Starting Your Vehicle

If drowsy driving resulted in a collision or damage to your auto paint, drop off your car at Absolute Auto Body to fix the damage. Our warranty covers the restoration work. Please remember that since drowsy driving could have grave consequences, you should avoid it at all costs.

Drowsy Driving & Major Collision Repair in Lynnwood

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