How to Conquer Driving Phobia in Lynnwood

driving phobia lynnwoodWhen people come to us for collision repair, they’ve usually been in an auto accident. One of the problems some people experience after a collision is a fear of driving. A driving phobia is debilitating because most Lynnwood residents must drive everyday.

Steps to Overcoming a Driving Phobia in Lynnwood

Although you may not WANT to get behind the wheel right away after you’ve had an accident, the worst thing you can do is avoid driving altogether. The key is to slowly regain your confidence by taking small steps. You don’t have to confront your anxiety head on by driving on the freeway during morning rush hour; perhaps driving around the neighborhood on a Sunday morning would be a better way to start. As you regain confidence, you’ll be able to resume driving on a busier street. When you’re ready, drive on the freeway on the right lane until the next one or two exits. Soon you’ll find you’re back to your old driving self.

Change Your Mind

Your mind may naturally conjure up scenarios similar to the collision that caused your anxiety in the first place. If this happens, recognize it and practice taken the thoughts captive by taking deep breaths. If you notice muscle tension, such as tightly gripping the steering wheel, choose to loosen your body.

You can also practice the progressive muscle relaxation technique. Tighten a muscle area for seven to 10 seconds before completely relaxing. Repeat for every muscle group.

Restore Your Confidence Behind the Wheel

Bring your vehicle to Absolute Auto Body for repairs and auto paint restoration after a collision. Our warranty covers most restorative work. If driving phobia develops after a collision, please don’t let the fear prevent you from getting behind the wheel again. Contact us today!

Help Overcoming Driving Phobia for Lynnwood Motorists

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