How Auto Paint Blending Works in Everett & Lynnwood

auto paint blending everettAuto paint blending is one car repair area where we never recommend DIY fixes. Blending paint is a complex process that requires professional work. We’ll explain the intricate process of paint blending used to restore a scratch or damaged panel.

Auto Paint Blending at a Glance

You can’t merely paint over a scratch using an identical paint color and expect a perfect restoration. You’ll still be able to distinguish between the new paint and the rest of the vehicle’s color. With a single glance you can tell that restoration work was done, because of the clear edges and lines.

Auto paint blending is a process that blends the restorative paint with the rest of the car.

The Auto Paint Blending Process

We may implement multiple processes depending on the extent of damage. Usually, we sand the damaged area, cover up the rest of the car, and apply paint using a spray gun. We may apply up to three coats for enamel paint and as many as eight coats for lacquer. Once dried (usually within 24 hours), we sand the area again, repeating the process until the paint matches perfectly with the rest of the vehicle.

With collision repairs, we may have to restore an entire panel. In this instance, we may paint over the damaged panel and lightly spray the adjacent panels to achieve a nice blend.

As you can see, the process is complex. The process may also differ depending on the nature of damage. This is why you’ll probably be disappointed with the results of a DIY fix.

We Achieve a Perfect Paint Blend

Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for restoring cosmetic damages. All our collision and paint restorations are backed by a warranty. With professional paint blending, the damaged area will blend nicely with the adjacent panels. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Auto Paint Blending & Restoration in Everett & Lynnwood

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