How to Prevent Auto Collisions with Cyclists in Everett

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Bicyclists account for roughly 2% of traffic fatalities, according to a recent report. While not a huge number, auto collisions with cyclists are on the rise. As drivers, our minds aren’t trained to watch for moving bicycles. Learn how to minimize an accident with a biker in Everett.

Check Before Turning

Most drivers know to scan for pedestrians before making a right turn. Do the same for cyclists because they tend to stay in the bike lane on the right. If making a left turn, you can avoid a collision by scanning for on-coming cyclists who need to cross the intersection. 

Check Blind Spots

Drivers are taught not to rely solely on the rear and side mirrors. You also need to turn your head to see behind you. So many drivers forget this and just quickly check the mirrors before making a turn or lane change. While you might be able to see a car in the mirror, a cyclist could be just out of sight. To avoid a collision with a cyclist, always look over your shoulder.

Don’t Accelerate

Some drivers accelerate when they see a bicyclist in order to pass by quickly. A cyclist in your rear, after all, is less worrisome than one in the front. However, maintain a slow and steady pace in case the cyclist makes a sudden move.

Change How You View Cyclists

You might find cyclists to be a nuisance. However, keep in mind they’re far more vulnerable than you. In a collision, you risk a dent or chip to the auto paint; they risk grave bodily injury. Remember, they have just as much right to be on the road as you.

Auto Collisions with Cyclists Are Completely Preventable

Occasionally, drivers come to Absolute Auto Body for minor repairs and other services after a mishap with a bicyclist. A collision with a cyclist is avoidable if you strictly maintain your road awareness.

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