Distracted Teen Driving: How to Talk to Your Child About Responsible Commuting in Everett

distracted teen driving everett

With school out, more teen drivers are naturally going to be on the road. Unfortunately, this also increases the possibility of collisions. Drivers under 20-years-old are the highest demographic at risk of distracted driving. How will you talk to your child about the dangers of distracted teen driving?

Set a Good Example

Can you effectively tell your teen to stay off the phone when you text & drive yourself? If you’re guilty of distracted driving, tell your child you’re in the process of improving safe driving practices. Let them know you want to practice safe driving together.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Some negative feedback is certainly warranted. However, praise goes much further. If your teen maintains the speed limit or ignores an incoming call, then give praise where due.

Establish a Pre-Driving Checklist

Make sure your teen performs several pre-driving functions before turning the ignition. These include:

  • Fastening seat belt
  • Adjusting the AC/heater to the desired temperature
  • Adjusting rear and side mirrors
  • Setting GPS navigation
  • Setting the radio to the desired station

Performing these actions before pulling out of the driveway reduces unnecessary distractions and keeps the driver focused on the road.

Practice in Heavier Traffic

Practice is the only way you get better at anything. Parents often only teach their children to drive when traffic is light. They usually don’t encounter peak traffic until they’re on their own. Be with your teen as they practice real-world traffic situations, such as merging onto a busy freeway. 

Stop Teen Distracted Driving This Summer

Aside from collision repairs, Absolute Auto Body also does auto painting touchup and other services. At times, motorists bring their car to us  with minor damage caused by an inexperienced young driver. Distracted teen driving is frequently a cause of collisions; talk to your child this summer about its dangers, and contact us today for all your auto needs.

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