How to Identify Vehicle Frame Damage After a Collision in Lynnwood

frame damage lynnwood Many car owners only bring their vehicle to a collision shop if they see obvious visual signs of damage. We advise a checkup from a technician even if you’ve been in a seemingly minor fender bender. The car may have incurred frame damage even if the surface appears unscathed.

Look out for these signs of non-visual frame damage.

Car Veers in One Direction

After a collision, pay attention to whether the car pulls to one side. If you need to turn the wheel to drive in a straight line, you have a problem. This is usually an alignment issue but can also be a sign of frame damage.

Car Does the Crab Walk

A damaged frame may result in your car’s doing the “crab walk” while in motion. This occurs when the rear tires go in a different direction than the front tires. To determine if your car is crab walking, drive your car over wet pavement. Examine the tire tracks. If the tracks appear kind of zig-zag instead of straight, you may have a compromised frame.

Uneven Tread Wear

Finally, check for uneven tire wear. A bent frame can affect the suspension, leading to disproportionate tread wear. Of course, uneven tire wear is often a sign of misalignment or imbalance. However, if the tires aren’t wearing evenly after a regular alignment, balancing, and rotation, you have a frame problem.

Aside from the tires, we also recommend checking the doors, windows, mounts, and bolts. These components may show signs of stress even if the frame appears okay.

We Detect and Correct Frame Damage in Lynnwood

Aside from restoring surface-level damage, such as auto paint, we also diagnose the car for a bent frame. Our warranty covers frame repairs and ensures full crumple zone restoration. Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body after a collision. Let us inspect for hidden frame damage and restore your vehicle.

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Tips to Avoid Having a Parking Lot Collision in Everett

parking lot collision everett Here’s a little-known fact: roughly 13% of auto collisions occur in a parking lot. Granted, a parking lot collision is usually a lot less severe than those occurring on the highway; damages usually only result in a dent or scratched auto paint. Still, how can they be avoided?

How Collisions in Parking Lots Occur

The following are the most common collision scenarios drivers find themselves in:

  • Two cars back into each other
  • One car pulls out and into the lane of a passing car
  • Two cars collide while competing for the same parking space
  • A car rear-ends the car ahead at a stop sign

Who’s at Fault?

If the collision occurred while only one car is moving, the moving car is at fault. If both cars were in motion, the car that is backing out of a parking space is usually at fault. If both cars are pulling out, then both drivers share the liability.

How to Avoid a Parking Lot Collision

First, slow down. This sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many drivers zip through a crowded parking lot. Ease up on the pedal and scan for cars that abruptly pull out. Keep the speed at no more than five mph. This speed helps you maintain a 360-degree perspective of your surroundings. You should also signal every time you plan to turn into a lane or into a parking spot. Finally, always turn your head to observe when backing out. Never rely solely on your mirrors. Blind spots abound, especially if you’re parked between two vehicles.

We Fix Dents from Parking Lot Fender Benders

Bring your vehicle to Absolute Auto Body if you’ve been in a collision of any kind. Our gallery showcases some of our work, which includes dent repairs and auto paintingContact us today to schedule an appointment .

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What to Do If You’re Involved in a Hit and Run Collision in Lynnwood

hit and run collision lynnwood After work, you reach your car and see a nasty dent in the driver’s side door. No one is at the scene and there’s no note. You’re the victim of a hit-and-run. What exactly do you do in a hit-and-run collision in Lynnwood?

What Constitutes a Hit and Run?

An estimated 10% of all collisions are hit-and-runs. This type of collision usually involves two motorists, but one immediately flees the scene. However, if you flee the scene after hitting a stationary vehicle or other object, that also counts as hit-and-run.

What Do You Do After a Hit and Run Collision?

If you’re driving, pull over when safe to do so. Call 911 if anyone requires medical assistance. Next, you’ll need to extensively document the scene. Take photos of the damage of your car from multiple angles. Write down the date, location, and approximate time the collision took place.

Retain as much detail as you can about the other vehicle. Write down whatever you can remember–the make, the model, color, or any numbers/letters on the license plate. What about the driver? If you saw the driver, can you provide a description to the police?

Finally, collect the contact info of any people that may have witnessed the incident. Keep in mind some witnesses may not be willing to provide their contact information.

Call the Police

Once you think you have all the information you need, call local law enforcement. You need to file a report. Even if police never locate the hit-and-run driver, a report is important for official documentation and speeding the insurance process along.

We Will Restore Your Vehicle

Were you on the receiving end of a hit-and-run? Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body. We can restore crumple zones, the auto paint, and more. Our other services also include towing if your car is no longer serviceable. After a hit-and-run collision, stay calm and follow the above steps. Contact us today for all your autobody needs!

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Collision With an Uninsured Driver in Everett? What Do You Do?

uninsured driver collision everett What do you do if you’re in a collision with an uninsured driver? Will your insurance cover you? Here we cover a few of the basics.

What to Do When in a Collision With an Uninsured Driver

For the most part, you go through the same process anytime you have an accident. First, find a safe location to pull over; then make sure all parties involved are okay. Call 911 if anyone requires medical assistance.

Take photos of both vehicles from multiple angles. Also, be sure to take a photograph of the other driver’s license plate. Next, call your insurance company to report the incident. You should also ask to see the other driver’s license. Keep in mind that the driver may not cooperate because driving without insurance will incur a penalty.

Be ready to describe the incident to law enforcement and the insurance company exactly as you remember it.

What Happens Next?

So you’ve discovered the other driver doesn’t have insurance. What happens now? If you’re at fault, your insurance will cover the damage to the other vehicle. If the uninsured driver is at fault, one of two things may occur.

If your policy includes uninsured motorist coverage, the insurance company will foot the cost of collision repairs. Another scenario is that your insurance company will cover damages to your vehicle by suing the uninsured driver. If this happens, you may need to appear in court to give a testimony.

We Handle the Repairs 

Whatever the circumstances of the accident, bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for repairs and auto painting restoration. Our warranty covers all facets of our work. If you’re in a collision with an uninsured driver, stay calm and proceed as you would in any other auto incident, and contact us for help!

Uninsured Driver Collision Auto Body Repairs in Everett

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How Auto Paint Blending Works in Everett & Lynnwood

auto paint blending everettAuto paint blending is one car repair area where we never recommend DIY fixes. Blending paint is a complex process that requires professional work. We’ll explain the intricate process of paint blending used to restore a scratch or damaged panel.

Auto Paint Blending at a Glance

You can’t merely paint over a scratch using an identical paint color and expect a perfect restoration. You’ll still be able to distinguish between the new paint and the rest of the vehicle’s color. With a single glance you can tell that restoration work was done, because of the clear edges and lines.

Auto paint blending is a process that blends the restorative paint with the rest of the car.

The Auto Paint Blending Process

We may implement multiple processes depending on the extent of damage. Usually, we sand the damaged area, cover up the rest of the car, and apply paint using a spray gun. We may apply up to three coats for enamel paint and as many as eight coats for lacquer. Once dried (usually within 24 hours), we sand the area again, repeating the process until the paint matches perfectly with the rest of the vehicle.

With collision repairs, we may have to restore an entire panel. In this instance, we may paint over the damaged panel and lightly spray the adjacent panels to achieve a nice blend.

As you can see, the process is complex. The process may also differ depending on the nature of damage. This is why you’ll probably be disappointed with the results of a DIY fix.

We Achieve a Perfect Paint Blend

Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for restoring cosmetic damages. All our collision and paint restorations are backed by a warranty. With professional paint blending, the damaged area will blend nicely with the adjacent panels. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Auto Paint Blending & Restoration in Everett & Lynnwood

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The Truth About Cars with Matte Paint in Everett

cars with matte paint everett Cars with matte paint finishes have become quite trendy in recent years because of their sandy texture and non-reflective surface. This is the opposite of the once-sought-after glossy shine and bling of the cars of yesteryear. Matte finishes, though, come at a cost. We’ll explain the downsides of this type of auto paint.

Scratches Stand Out More on Cars with Matte Paint

Unfortunately, blemishes are far more noticeable on a cars with matte finish. Scratches are also more difficult to remove because restoration through polishing or wet sanding is ineffective. Furthermore, most owners are unable to find the exact color shade to fill in the scratch. This leaves only two options: leaving the scratch as is or repaint. 

Paint Care

You can’t polish matte paint because it will create a shine, thus defeating the whole appeal of a flat finish. You’ll have to use a cleaner specifically formulated for matte finishes. You’ll also need to use a matte paint sealer and matte protection film for the best surface preservation. All in all, matte paint is more expensive to maintain. This is why the finish is only found on high-end vehicles. Also, the paint is more vulnerable to the abrasive materials in a drive-through car wash. Only wash by hand.

The Warranty

Due to the higher risk of damage to the paint, most manufacturers don’t provide additional warranties for a repaint. This means maintaining the paint and sheen is entirely up to you.

We Repaint Matte-Painted Cars

Did your car incur a blemish from a collision, runaway shopping cart, or bird doo? Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for a complete or partial auto repaint. Cars with matte paint especially require professional care in order to retain their flat appearance. Contact us today for more information.

Repaint for Cars with Matte Paint & All Auto Paint Types in Everett

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How to Respond to Road Rage in Lynnwood

road rage lynnwood In Lynnwood, as is true in most large cities with busy highways, tailgating and cutting drivers off are common occurrences. Most people are level-headed enough to let these infractions go. However, some people may respond with road rage and violence. What should you do in response?

Confronted by a Driver With Road Rage in Lynnwood?

Most road rage incidents are fairly minor and result in horn honks, yelling, and explicit hand gestures. When this happens, don’t engage with the angry driver; don’t even make eye contact. Often, this is enough to diffuse the situation.

What if the driver begins tailgating and following you? If you feel threatened, call 911. Don’t pull over; continue to drive even if a minor collision occurs.

If the angry driver persists in following you, look for a police station or even a fire department. If those are unavailable, pull into a busy parking lot. Remain inside your car until law enforcement arrives.

What to Do in a Face-to-Face Confrontation?

In the event you exit your vehicle and the other driver confronts you, keep it cool and apologize. Say you’re sorry no matter who’s at fault; safety comes before your pride. Don’t argue with the aggressor even if he or she was in the wrong.

How to Avoid Aggravating Another Driver

You may enrage a motorist without even realizing it. To avoid this, do your best to follow these tips:

  • Never tailgate
  • Always use your turn signals
  • Always follow the right-of-way rules
  • Never abruptly change lanes, especially without signaling

Safety Is Priority

As a collision repair and auto paint service, we hear about road rage incidents all the time from customers. Bring your vehicle to Absolute Auto Body for servicing if it was in a fender bender. Remember, never engage with an irate road rage driver. Contact us today!

Assisting with Road Rage, Collision Repair & Auto Paint Touchups in Lynnwood

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Three Reasons to Never Ignore Car Dents in Everett

Car Dents Lynnwood A quarter-size dent is no reason to sound the alarm, though it detracts from your vehicle’s appearance. A larger dent—about the size of a basketball—is more cause for concern. Sure, the car may still be fully functional, but you need to have it checked out by a collision repair crew. Unbeknownst to most motorists, car dents may compromise your vehicle more than you think.

Car Dents Can Make Your Car Less Safe

It’s common for a fender, guard, or bumper to incur noticeable damage during a relatively minor fender bender. That’s what they are designed for. While the car is still completely operable, it may be less safe should another collision happen to occur. The resulting dent from the first collision has seriously compromised the car’s structural integrity. This lessens its ability to hold up under impact and protect the occupants.

Rust Issues

The car’s auto paint is more than a cosmetic element. It also acts as a seal that protects the metal from contaminants. When the seal is broken, the metal becomes exposed to elements like dirt, salt, and moisture; these all lead to rust. Aside from making your car look like an old clunker, rust also weakens metal. Just as brittle bones are more likely to break, rusted metal is more likely to crumple in a collision.

It Ruins the Aesthetic

Under the right lighting conditions, some dents are visible from even a block away. If you own a light-colored car, the dent is even more noticeable. Do you really want to drive around in a blemished vehicle?

We’ll Inspect and Repair Your Car Dent in Everett

Bring your car over to Absolute Auto Body. We’ll take a look at the car dent and let you know if it poses a safety issue. All our repairs and car dent restoration work is backed by a material and workmanship warranty. Contact us today for quality dent repair services.

Full Collision Repair & Restoration of Car Dents in Everett & Lynnwood

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Sun-Damaged Cars: A Common Summer Problem in Everett

sun-damaged-cars everett Everett isn’t the hottest region in the U.S., but this summer’s heat dome sure made it feel that way. Even without this year’s intense heat, for those who park outside, sun-damaged cars are commonplace and a result of daily UV ray exposure. We’ll explain steps you can take to prevent it.

How Sun-rays Damage Car Surfaces

On a sunny day, some car owners prefer to let their vehicle “air dry” after a wash. This is a mistake. Always dry the car using a chamois cloth. When water dries on a car surface, the minerals remain behind and adhere to the auto paint. Over time, this abrades the car’s clearcoat. The end result is badly faded paint. Furthermore, the high temperatures also strip the gloss right off the paint.

Sun-damaged cars are especially prevalent in desert climates like Las Vegas and Phoenix. However, just because Everett and Lynnwood have cooler climates doesn’t mean cars are immune.

Prevention Measures

Wax your car after washing it. The wax acts as a barrier that protects the paint from UV rays. It also helps repel dirt and grime. We recommend waxing every three months. If water beads don’t form after a wash, the wax is nearly gone.

If you’re in the process of buying a new vehicle, consider purchasing a lighter-colored car. Darker paints absorb more heat and are more prone to fading from sun damage. If you already notice extensive fading, bring your vehicle to a collision center for a paint restoration.

We Restore Sun-Damaged Cars in Everett & Lynnwood

We’ve restored hundreds of car surfaces of all vehicle makes and models. Contact us at Absolute Auto Body if the fading paint is painfully obvious. Go to our gallery to see some of our restored paintwork. 

Complete Car Paint Restoration for Sun-Damaged Cars in Everett

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The 4 Car Dent Types Explained in Everett

Car Dent Types Because car dents are created by a variety of objects and incidents, getting them repaired also varies. Knowing about the different car dent types can help you determine what steps you’ll need to take to have them repaired. Our collision repair center can restore all of the dent types listed below.


The most common cause of round dents is hail. Depending on the size of the hail, these dents are shallow, making them quite easy to repair.


What causes a sharp dent? If you’ve ever been surprised by a dent like this in a parking lot, someone may have opened their car door on your car, or perhaps it was caused by a careening shopping cart. Dents like these create a crease in the metal, and are deeper than round dents. If the impact is severe enough, sharp dents can also result in punctured metal.


If your vehicle strikes an object and drags it along, the result is a creased dent. This may occur when a driver drives past a low-hanging tree branch, or when a bicyclist glides past a car and grazes the surface with the handlebar. Creased dents often also cause scratches that scrape away a layer or two of the auto paint.


If you’ve ever been in a collision, you know the resulting dent or dents can be ugly and expensive. These are the dents of the worst kind. The faster the vehicles are traveling at the time of impact, the worse the resulting dents. Repairing these dents often means ordering new parts.

Restoring all Car Dent Types in Everett

Absolute Auto Body will restore any dent regardless of the type or what caused it. Our gallery showcases some of our work in action. Our process treats all car dent types for all vehicle makes and models. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Experts on Car Dent Types & Restoration in Everett

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