Do You Need to Replace Your Child’s Car Seat After a Collision?

car seat after a collision everettYour baby is your most precious cargo in a commute. This leads to a pressing question: Should you replace your child’s car seat after a collision in Everett? How can you tell if the seat is still safe?

When to Replace Your Child’s Car Seat After A Collision

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, if your child’s seat is involved in a moderate to severe crash it needs to be replaced. How can you tell the difference between the two?

NHTSA considers an accident minor according to the following conditions.  If you can still safely operate your vehicle immediately after the collision; if the impact that occurred didn’t cause the airbags to deploy; if the door closest to the child’s seat isn’t damaged; if no one in the vehicle sustained injuries that required medical attention; and if damage to the vehicle is only aesthetic, such as a small dent in the frame or chipped auto paint.

It’s still important to inspect your child’s seat. Take off the cushion and any padding and check for cracks. Take the seat out and reinstall it. If it doesn’t fit like it did before, replace it.

Check the Car Seat Manual

Read the user manual for further instructions and inspect the seat post-accident. Some manufacturers suggest replacing the seat even after a minor collision.

We’ll Assess the Damage in Everett

Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body if you’ve been in an accident. While we don’t inspect baby seats, we do inspect vehicles to assess the damage. Most of our service includes a warranty. Contact us today to set up a free consultation for all your automotive needs.

Assessing Your Child’s Car Seat After a Collision in Everett

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Should You Keep Your Car Insurance Claim Money in Everett?

car insurance claim moneyConsider this scenario: you were in an car accident. You went through the process with your insurance company, put in a claim, and received a check in the mail. Can you keep the car insurance claim money, or do you have to spend it on car repairs?

You May Keep the Car Insurance Claim Money (Usually)

In most cases, the insurance policy doesn’t require you to spend the claim money repairing your vehicle. The insurance company has no stake in whether you repair your car or spend the money elsewhere. That is, unless you have a loan on your car. In this case, the lender may include provisions in your borrowing agreement requiring you to spend the settlement check on repairs. This helps guarantee the car will be in normal condition in the event you default on the loan and the lender repossesses it.

Know the Nature of the Damage

Bring your vehicle to Absolute Auto Body so we can assess the damage. You definitely need to repair the vehicle if damages affect the car’s operation. This includes damages to vital parts, such as the tires, wheel bearings, suspension, cooling system, or seat belts. If damages are limited to auto paint or other cosmetic blemishes, then you may choose to hold onto the car insurance claim money.

We’ll Assess Your Vehicle in Everett

Always know the extent of damage before deciding what to do with the claim money. Should you decide to proceed with repairs, our service comes with a VisionPLUS Lifetime Warranty. When you want a professional opinion regarding whether to keep the car insurance claim money or have your vehicle repaired, contact our collision repair pros.

Car Insurance Claim Money: Assessment and Collision Repairs in Everett

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Everything You Need to Know About Car Bumpers in Lynnwood

car bumpers LynnwoodBumpers are a big part of a car’s aesthetics. They are also there to protect the car against minor impacts. Just about all rear and frontal collisions involve the bumper. We’ll explain the role of car bumpers and what they are and aren’t designed to do.

Why Car Bumpers Matter

Contrary to popular belief, a bumper is not intended to protect the car occupants from serious injury. The bumper’s main function is to protect components, such as the trunk, hood, fuel exhaust, cooling system, headlamps, and taillights in a low-speed collision.

The key word here is “low-speed.” Bumpers do no good in a head-on 50 mph collision. They’re designed to withstand impacts equivalent to a vehicle striking a stationary car of the same weight at 5 mph.

Bumpers also play a huge role in insurance costs. Many claims are for relatively small amounts of damage (under $1,500) to the rear or front of the car. The damage would be more severe if it wasn’t for the bumper.

The Rise of Plastic Bumpers

Many people are also unaware that most modern bumpers are made from plastic. Plastic is cheap to produce and can be easily styled to meet functional and aesthetic standards. The plastic itself may not be particularly durable. However, the material is strengthened with reinforcements, such as mounts and shock absorbers. This makes the bumper as impact-resistant as the metal bumpers that came before it.

We Restore and Replace Car Bumpers in Lynnwood

Been in a collision? Bring your car over to Absolute Auto Body, and we’ll examine the extent of the damage. We’ll restore the bumper to full functionality and restore its appearance with professional auto paint. All restorations are backed by our warranty. Car bumpers are a mainstay in automobiles, and you shouldn’t take their role for granted.

Car Bumper Restoration and Replacement in Lynnwood

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Collision vs. Comprehensive Coverage in Everett: What You Need to Know

comprehensive coverage everettHow much do you know about your car insurance in Everett? When clients are in an accident, they call to see whether their insurance covers collision repairs. We can’t provide an answer without getting more information about the accident and their insurance coverage. Specifically, do you have collision or comprehensive coverage? These insurance terms indicate different types of coverage.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Comparison

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance, as its name suggests, covers repairs and restorative paint work associated with a collision. This may be a collision with another vehicle or with a stationary object, such as a light pole or newspaper rack. The coverage applies to your vehicle only. Liability insurance, on the other hand, takes care of damage to other people’s property.

Comprehensive Coverage

Contrary to popular belief, comprehensive coverage doesn’t exactly cover “everything under the sun.” It should not be confused with complete coverage. Comprehensive insurance generally covers any scenario not covered by collision coverage. This includes things like hitting a deer, car theft, damage from vandalism and acts of nature, such as damage caused by a hailstorm. It also covers windshield repair.

Should You Sign Up for One or Both?

If the premiums paid in five years is less than the current value of the car, we generally recommend collision insurance . If you’re paying $750 a year for collision coverage, that would be $3,500 in five years. If the Kelley Blue Book currently values your car at more than $3,500, collision coverage is worth the cost. Comprehensive coverage is simpler. Get this coverage if your car is new, or if it’s required under the provisions of your finance loan or if you’re worried about hitting a deer or other large animal.

We’re Here to Help!

Vehicles incur damage, whether on the road or parked in your driveway. Absolute Auto Body restores cars, whether the damage was from a collision or a falling tree branch. Visit our gallery to see the work we perform. Whether you are insured with Collision and comprehensive coverage, we are here to help! Contact us today.

Answering Questions About Collision or Comprehensive Coverage in Everett

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What to Do After an Auto Accident in Everett

auto accident everettNo one ever plans to be in an auto accident. If you’re ever involved in a collision in Everett, take steps to ensure that you and your passengers are safe and unharmed. Then concentrate on the following steps.

Immediately After the Accident

Gather information about the accident. Take notes about what you recall. Take photos with your mobile phone of the damage incurred to your vehicle, as well as any damage your vehicle caused to the other driver’s car and any property. Record the other driver’s contact and insurance policy information. You’ll also want to record the name and contact information of any witnesses.

Report the accident to your insurance agency ASAP. Your insurer may suggest a specific body shop for repair services. You can arrange a car towing service to take your car to any body shop of your choosing.

Choosing a Body Shop

Choose a body shop you have full trust in that will provide you with a fair estimate and follow through with high-quality work for your auto repair. Inform your decision to your insurance company for processing and approval.

Always be courteous when dealing with your car insurance agency and the adjuster. Give them the information they ask for promptly without hesitation. Doing so may mean getting your claim for car repair settled in an expedient manner.

We Perform Auto Accident Repairs in Everett

Absolute Auto Body cares about every motorist that walks through our door. Contact us if you have been involved in an accident. We can arrange for towing, car rentals with Enterprise, and even shuttle service so you’re never stranded while awaiting repairs. We’re also experts in auto painting.

Auto Accident Repair Experts in Everett

Looking out for Customers in Everett and Lynnwood, Washington

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Car Colors That Hide Dents and Scratches Best in Lynnwood

colors that hide dentsAny type of vehicle blemish is undesirable no matter the exterior color. Even so, dents and scratches are more pronounced on some auto paints. Do even minor imperfections on your car make you weak in the knee? If so, here are a few car colors that hide dents and scratches quite well. Consider these palette options the next time you go car shopping in Lynnwood.

The Best Car Colors That Hide Dents and Scratches

White does a pretty good job at hiding surface wear. This is due to the bright color that minimizes the appearance of blemishes on a sunny day. Light gray has the same effect for hiding small dings. Of course, you’ll definitely notice the dent or scratch because it’s your car, but it won’t be as noticeable to the casual passerby. The color beneath the paint is also whitish/grayish in color, allowing scratches to blend with the surrounding paint.

The Flip Side

Unfortunately, dirt and grime also show more easily on lighter colors. Of course, you can minimize this by washing the car frequently or avoiding off-road terrains. In any case, that’s the trade-off if you absolutely can’t stand even minor nicks and chips.

If white conceals dents the best, then you can probably guess that black does the opposite. Black paint on metal is also notorious for showing swirl marks after a car wash. The same goes for darker bold colors, such as maroon, burgundy, and navy blue.

We Restore Dents Regardless of Car Color

Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for restoring a blemish. We fix all types of damages from surface scratches to major collision repair. Our gallery showcases the work we do across all auto color styles. While some car colors hide dents well, we believe car owners should restore any imperfections regardless of vehicle hue. Contact us today for a consultation!

Helping You Choose Car Colors that Hide Dents in Lynnwood

Your Dependable Auto Body Shop in Everett and Lynnwood, Washington

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What to Do While Waiting for Towing Service in Everett

towing service EverettWhen your car breaks down in the middle of a commute, it’s not only inconvenient, it’s also dangerous. Although we are primarily a collision repair shop, one of our additional services includes towing, which we provide through our partnership with towing company Simon & Sons. We recommend taking every safety precaution while waiting for the towing service to arrive in Everett.

Choose an Ideal Location to Pull Over

If possible, refrain from pulling over on a busy junction. Park as far to the right as possible and try to stop under a street light or other easy-to-identify marker. If you have a reflective triangle, this would be the occasion to use it. Place it 100 yards behind the car.

Be Cautious of Strangers

An approaching stranger who offers help really can be a good Samaritan. On the other hand, he could have criminal intentions and be taking advantage of your predicament. Our recommendation is to stay in your car, keep your windows rolled up, and politely let the stranger know towing service is on its way.

Check ID

Check the tow service’s identification upon arrival. Why do you need to do this? An unscrupulous towing service which happens to pass by might offer to tow your car and end up charging you a hefty fee. Request to see the tow driver’s ID badge. At the very least, look at the logo on the truck to be sure it’s the tow company you’re expecting.

Need Towing Service in Everett?

Contact Absolute Auto Body after a collision or car breakdown. We can arrange for towing and/or transportation. We can address any other service you need, such as collision repair or auto paint restoration, after you’re safely off the side of the road. Remember, put safety above all else when waiting for a tow; we can’t stress that enough.

Full Collision Services in Everett, from Repairs to Towing Service

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Car Scratch Repair Kits in Everett: How Good Are They?

car scratch repair kits EverettMost local auto stores carry DIY car scratch repair kits. Can these kits really restore a scratch as advertised? Here’s what we have to say about these store-bought restoration kits.

How Car Scratch Repair Kits Work

Scratch repair kits are only designed to fill in surface-level scratches that haven’t penetrated the clear coat finish. The kits will work to some extent for minor scratches. In most cases, however, the filling will only minimize the scratch and not completely conceal it. Nevertheless, we believe these kits will suffice for restoring a small scratch on an older vehicle with a low resale value. For a recent model or luxury car, we recommend professional auto paint restoration.

DIY Attempts May Worsen the Appearance

Consumer Reports tested several scratch repair kits with mixed results. In its trial, several brands performed fairly decently, while others were absolutely worthless. In any case, Consumer Reports recommended professional repair for any scratches you can feel when running a nail over the blemish. We agree with this conclusion. Any DIY attempts may only worsen the appearance. No off-the-shelf scratch kit can adequately restore a deep scratch where the underlying metal is exposed. The only way to fully restore the car’s appearance is to use real auto paint that matches the vehicle’s original color. Our gallery showcases some fully restored cars which previously had deep scratches.

We’ll Fully Restore Even the Deepest Level Scratches

Scratches aren’t just superficial eyesores; they can drastically reduce the value of the vehicle. Whether the result of a runaway shopping cart or a minor collision, bring your car to Absolute Auto Body so we can restore it. We guarantee the results will be far superior than using a repair kit.

Paint Restoration Far Superior to Car Scratch Repair Kits in Everett

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Why You Should Never Accept Cash After A Collision in Lynnwood

Cash after a collision LynnwoodIt’s not unusual for an at-fault driver to offer you cash payment following a seemingly minor fender bender. In return, of course, you won’t report the incident to law enforcement and your insurance company. Should you ever accept cash after a collision? We strongly advise against it.

Out of Pocket Repairs

Whatever amount you receive, taking cash after a collision might not be enough to cover the damage to your car. If you go through the proper channels, your insurance company will cover the cost of collision repairs or minimize your out-of-pocket expense.

Even if the damage appears minor on the surface, that dented frame or fender may have lost its structural integrity; it may not be able to hold up should you be in another collision. What appears as a small dent may require the entire part to be replaced and cost you thousands of dollars.

Injury Coverage

The collision may have caused a whiplash injury that you may not notice until several days later. You’re responsible for all medical expenses if you fail to report the incident. If you report the accident, most medical expenses will probably be covered by the insurance of the driver at fault.

Taking Cash After a Collision Disallows Rental Coverage

Collision repairs, auto paint restoration, and other services may take several days. You may need a rental car in the meantime. This is something the insurance pays for. Of course, failing to report the incident means 100% out-of-pocket cost for renting a car.

We Handle all Collision Repairs

Always report every accident, no matter how minor it may appear at first. Contact your insurance agency and follow up with a call to Absolute Auto Body. We can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs to restore your car, both on a functional and an aesthetic level. Accepting cash after an accident is tempting, but it can also be financially costly.

Collision Repair for all Types of Fender Benders in Lynnwood

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Many Believe Bigger Cars Are Safer Than Compact Vehicles

bigger cars are saferMany people believe full-sized cars, SUVs and pickup trucks are safer than compact cars. As collision repair experts, we can verify this, but there’s more to the story. To say that bigger cars are safer can be a bit of an overgeneralization; there are just too many variables involved.

Bigger Cars Are Safer, But…

In a head-on collision between mismatched vehicles, the law of physics dictates the smaller car is going to bear the major brunt of impact. This doesn’t mean, however, that choosing a large vehicle is automatically the best safety bet.

Check the Safety Rating

Larger cars are higher off the ground, making them more prone to rollovers, and high-safety rated small cars are better than mediocre-safety rated large cars. In fact, the Toyota Prius, a compact car, has a lower driver fatality rate than several larger vehicles of the same model year. You can look up the comparisons here.

New Car Technology Makes Daily Commute Safer

Cars are much safer now than they were two decades ago due to sturdier car frame materials, such as carbon fiber, which redirect crash forces. Also, new car technology has made daily commuting safer than ever. Electronic stability control, for example, is now mandatory in all vehicles manufactured after 2011. It drastically reduces the odds of a rollover or the car’s skidding out of control.

We Handle Collision Repairs on Cars of all Sizes

It’s better to look at the overall safety rating rather than the size of the car alone. In any case, bring your car to Absolute Auto Body if a collision does take place. Our full range of service covers repairs, car rental, towing and painting. All of our repairs are backed by a warrantyContact us today!

Generally Bigger Cars are Safer, But Car Size is Only One of Many Factors

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