Sun-Damaged Cars: A Common Summer Problem

sun-damaged carEverett isn’t the hottest region in the U.S. by any means. Nevertheless, summer does bring about plenty of sunshine. You have reason to worry if you park your car outside. Sun-damaged cars are commonplace and a result of daily UV ray exposure. We’ll explain how to prevent it.

How Sun-rays Damage Car Surfaces

On a sunny day, some car owners prefer to let their vehicle “air dry” after a wash. This is a mistake. Always dry the car using a chamois cloth. When water dries on a car surface, the minerals remain behind and adhere to the auto paint. Over time, this abrades the car’s clearcoat. The end result is badly faded paint. Furthermore, the high temperatures also strip the gloss right off the paint.

Sun-damaged cars are especially prevalent in desert climates like Las Vegas and Phoenix. However, just because Everett and Lynnwood have cooler climates does not mean cars are immune. Continue Reading →

The Truth About Cars with Matte Paint

cars with matte paintCars with matte paint finishes have become quite trendy in recent years because of their sandy texture and non-reflective surface. This is the opposite of the once-sought-after glossy shine and bling of the cars of yesteryear. Matte finishes, though, come at a cost. We’ll explain the downsides of this type of auto paint.

Scratches Stand Out

Unfortunately, blemishes are far more noticeable on a cars with matte finish. Scratches are also more difficult to remove because restoration through polishing or wet sanding is ineffective. Furthermore, most owners are unable to find the exact color shade to fill in the scratch. This leaves only two options: leaving the scratch as is or a repaint. The latter is really expensive due to the requirement of a special additive for the clearcoat. Continue Reading →

How to Conquer Driving Phobia

driving phobiaClients who come to us for collision repair have obviously been in a recent auto accident. An auto body repair, though, may be the least of their worries. Sometimes, in the aftermath of a collision, motorists develop driving anxiety. A driving phobia can be debilitating because it’s an everyday activity for most Lynnwood residents.

How to Overcome a Driving Phobia

The worst thing you can do is avoid driving altogether. You can’t overcome any fear by avoiding it. The key is to slowly regain your confidence by taking small steps. You don’t need to immediately confront your anxiety head on by driving on the freeway during morning rush hour.

Perhaps you can drive around the neighborhood on a Sunday morning, or even in a vacant parking lot. As you regain a bit of confidence, drive on a busier street. Continue Reading →

Watch Out for Towing Scams

towing scamsMost motorists have had to call for a towing service at least once in their life. This usually includes unexpected car collision scenarios, or when the car abruptly begins puffing smoke out of the hood. While awaiting towing, be wary of passing towers that may try to take advantage of your predicament. Towing scams, unfortunately, are all too real in and around Lynnwood.

How Towing Scams Work

Towing scammers, also known as “towing bandits,” actively watch for motorists pulled over on the side of the road. Sure, they’ll provide the needed assistance but then charge exorbitant fees well beyond the original quoted price. They will hold your car hostage at their compound unless you pay up.

Many bandit tow drivers also seek out parked cars on company premises and come up with bogus excuses for towing them. Continue Reading →

How Auto Paint Blending Works

auto paint blendingAuto paint blending is one reason we never recommend DIY fixes. Blending paint is a complex process that requires professional work. We’ll explain the intricate process of paint blending used to restore a scratch or damaged panel.

Auto Paint Blending at a Glance

You can’t merely paint over a scratch using an identical paint color and expect a perfect restoration. You will still be able to distinguish between the new paint and the rest of the vehicle’s color. With a single glance you can tell that restoration work was done, because of the clear edges and lines.

Auto paint blending is a process that blends the restorative paint with the rest of the car. Continue Reading →

How to Fight Off Drowsy Driving

drowsy drivingSometimes, when we work on collision repairs, the client admits the damage was a result of nodding off behind the wheel. Even in this instance, the client was lucky that all he hit was a stationary object. Drowsy driving can result in serious injury or death. Please follow these safety tips if you’re going to pull an all-nighter in the driver’s seat.

Drowsy Driving Statistics

According to AAA, falling asleep while driving accounts for 12.5% of fatal collisions. Furthermore, one in three drivers have admitted to nodding off behind the wheel.

Drivers resort to various methods for staying awake while driving. Unsurprisingly, the most common method is the consumption of caffeinated beverages. Other ways include listening to loud music, singing to the radio, eating, and turning up the AC. Continue Reading →

What to Do After an Out-of-Town Car Accident

out-of-town car accidentSome of you may spend the holidays on a road trip. This may include a trip to neighboring Oregon or even beyond. While you hope for a smooth trip, an out-of-town car accident may occur. What do you do if you have been involved in a collision outside your state of residence?

Steps to Take After a Collision

For the most part, the process is identical to what you would do in a collision in your home state. This includes the run-of-the-mill steps immediately after a crash, such as:

  • Exchanging contact info with all involved motorists
  • Calling 911 if anyone was hurt
  • Obtaining contact info from eyewitnesses
  • Taking photos of the scene and closeups of any damage
  • Contacting the insurance agency of the driver at fault

What About Insurance?

Most insurance policies cover all claims that occur anywhere within the continental U.S. Some may even cover collisions outside the U.S. If you travel north and a collision occurs on the Canadian side of the border, your insurance may still have your back. Continue Reading →

Do You Need to Replace a Child Car Seat After a Collision?

replace a child car seat after a collisionYour baby is your most precious cargo in a commute. Safety is always paramount on the road. This leads to a pressing question: Do parents need to replace a child car seat after a collision? Is the seat still suitable for use? When is a collision severe enough to warrant a seat replacement?

Why Replace A Child Car Seat After A Collision?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you should replace a child seat if it is involved in a moderate to severe crash. This leads to the question: What’s the difference between a minor and moderate collision? Continue Reading →

3 Reasons to Never Ignore Car Dents

Car DentsA quarter-size dent is no reason to sound the alarm, though it certainly detracts from your vehicle’s appearance. A larger dent—about the size of a basketball—is more cause for concern. Sure, the car may still be fully functional, but you need to have it checked out by a collision repair crew. Unbeknownst to most motorists, a car dent may compromise your vehicle more than you think.

Car Dents Can Make Your Car Less Safe

It’s common for a fender, guard, or bumper to incur noticeable damage during a relatively minor fender bender. That’s what they are designed for. While the car is still completely operable, it may be less safe should another collision happen to occur. The resulting dent from the first collision has seriously compromised the car’s structural integrity. This lessens its ability to hold up under impact and protect the occupants. Continue Reading →

Should You KeepYour Car Insurance Claim Money?

car insurance claim moneyConsider this scenario: you were in an auto collision. You went through the channels with your insurance company and put in a claim. Several weeks later a check came in the mail. Can you keep the car insurance claim money, or are you required to spend it on car repairs?

You May Keep the Car Insurance Claim Money (Usually)

In most instances, the insurance policy does not require you to spend the car insurance claim money on collision repairs. The insurance company has no stake in whether you repair your car or spend the money elsewhere.

A few circumstances, though, may require you to repair your vehicle. This is the case if you have a loan on your car. In this instance, the insurance company may include the lender when sorting out a claim. The lender may include provisions under the agreement requiring car owners to spend the settlement check on repairs. After all, they want the car to be in normal condition in the event you can’t pay back the loan and they repossess it. Continue Reading →