Safe Car Colors That Lower Collision Risk in Lynnwood

safe car colors lynnwood Here’s an additional safety feature that might prevent a fender bender in Lynnwood: safe car colors! Yes, your car’s auto paint may actually mitigate the odds of a collision. A matter of taste could possibly be a matter of safety and security. Keep this in mind when you’re in the market for a new vehicle.

Not As Safe

Visibility – others being able to see you – is an overlooked safety objective.  Research indicates that certain car colors are involved in more collisions than others. Black vehicles are 12% more likely to be involved in an accident during daylight hours, and a whopping 47% at night. 

As a general rule, dark colors blend in. Deeper shades of blue, red, green, purple, and brown are harder to see on the road, especially at night and in wet conditions.

How does gray stack up?  While gray vehicles reflect light and can be highly visible in daylight, it isn’t so good at dusk or in heavy fog.

Safer Car Colors

It stands to reason that white is highly visible in all conditions, and across day and night. Tan and beige cars are likely to stand out more, too. But if you’re looking for more pop, think about bright and light shades of greens, oranges, and yellows.  In case you’re wondering, safe car colors won’t help with your insurance premium. 

All Colors Welcome in Lynnwood

Our paint restoration covers all colors and shades; check out our gallery. Contact us at Absolute Auto Body today. Stay safe, and when you need superior paint or collision services, bring your car to Absolute Auto Body. You can trust us with all your auto body needs.

Safe Car Colors: Auto Paint Restoration for all Car Colors in Lynnwood

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What to Look for in an Auto Body Repair Shop in Lynnwood

auto body repair lynnwood If you have recently been in an auto collision, you know how important it is to get back to normal. Getting your vehicle fixed at a shop that knows what it’s doing and has a solid reputation can make the whole process much easier. Knowing what to look for in an auto body repair shop can help. 

Good Word of Mouth

When people have a good experience with a repair shop, they’ll be more than happy to tell you about it. Ask your friends and family if they’ve worked with any shops in the past and what they think about them. This will give you a good idea of how they treat their customers. 

Up-to-Date Tools and Equipment

Make sure any shop you go to has the most up-to-date equipment and all the tools they need to repair your vehicle. Get an estimate before agreeing to anything and ask what they will do specifically. 


Find out if the technicians working on your car have any certifications before you agree to use them. Technicians who are certified keep themselves abreast of any innovations in the auto body repair business and can give you the highest level of service. 

Need an Auto Body Repair Shop in Lynnwood?

If you want to get your vehicle back to its original condition after a collision, Absolute Auto Body is here to help. With services like collision repair and auto painting, we will bring your car back to life. Plus, our warranty covers frame repairs and ensures full crumple zone restoration. Contact us today and bring your car to Absolute Auto Body after a collision. 

Qualified Auto Body Repair Shop in Lynnwood

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Replacing Your Child’s Car Seat After a Collision in Everett

car seat after a collision everettYour baby is your most precious cargo in a commute. This leads to a pressing question: Should you replace your child’s car seat after a collision? How can you tell if the seat is still safe?

When to Replace Your Child’s Car Seat After A Collision

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, if your child’s seat is involved in a moderate to severe crash it needs to be replaced. How can you tell the difference between the two?

NHTSA considers an accident minor according to the following conditions.  If you can still safely operate your vehicle immediately after the collision; if the impact that occurred didn’t cause the airbags to deploy; if the door closest to the child’s seat isn’t damaged; if no one in the vehicle sustained injuries that required medical attention; and if damage to the vehicle is only aesthetic, such as a small dent in the frame or chipped auto paint.

It’s still important to inspect your child’s seat. Take off the cushion and any padding and check for cracks. Take the seat out and reinstall it. If it doesn’t fit like it did before, replace it.

Check the Car Seat Manual

Read the user manual for further instructions and inspect the seat post-accident. Some manufacturers suggest replacing the seat even after a minor collision. If you no longer have the manual, check online.

We’ll Assess the Damage in Everett

Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body if you’ve been in an accident. While we don’t inspect baby seats, we do inspect vehicles to assess the damage. Most of our services include a warranty. Contact us today to set up a free consultation for all your automotive needs.

Assessing Your Child’s Car Seat After a Collision in Everett

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Should You Get Collision Coverage for Older Cars in Lynnwood?

collision coverage lynnwood

More motorists in Lynnwood are driving older cars that are on the brink of replacement. The reason is simple. An older car is paid off, less likely to be stolen, and can’t depreciate any further than it already has. This naturally leads to the question: Should you opt for collision coverage for an older car?

Collision Coverage Explained

First, we want to explain the meaning of this type of coverage since most people confuse it with comprehensive coverage. The latter covers damage from instances like vandalism, theft, and acts of nature.

Collision coverage covers scenarios where your vehicle comes into contact with another vehicle or object while in motion. This applies to stationary objects, such as a light pole. The coverage generally kicks in whether or not you caused the collision.

Collision Coverage for Older Cars; Yay or Nay?

At the very least, federal law requires liability coverage. However, does your semi-clunker really need that pricey collision coverage? This really depends. We believe it’s better to forgo it if the premiums are higher than the total value of the car. Instead, put the money you would spend for the coverage in a savings account. This is your “rainy day” account that you can tap into when it comes time for repair or replacement.

However, you may want to hold onto your collision insurance if you’re on the road a lot. Drivers experience a fender bender on average every 165,000 miles. If driving makes up a huge part of your routine, then it might be worth keeping.

We Perform Affordable Vehicle Repairs in Lynnwood

We perform a multitude of services pertaining to collision repairs, including auto paint touchups. Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for any collision-related work. We do repairs regardless of our clients’ coverage type. 

Collision Coverage for Older Vehicles: Trustworthy Repairs in Lynnwood

Looking out for customers in Everett & Lynnwood

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Does Automatic Braking Reduce Collisions in Lynnwood?

automatic braking lynnwood

Modern cars come with a full suite of safety technology which was unavailable twenty years ago. One such technology is automatic braking. While this addition certainly gives motorists peace of mind, we have to ask if it actually prevents auto collisions.

How Automatic Braking Works

Auto manufacturers introduced the first automatic braking systems in 2006. Most systems use sensors that detect when the vehicle is in dangerously close proximity to another car or object. If the driver fails to react, the brakes automatically engage. Other systems initiate an alarm that audibly warns you when you drive too close to another vehicle.

What the Study Shows

A three-year study from Virginia Tech revealed some eye-opening information regarding vehicle collisions. The findings show that 75% of collisions were due to driver error. Of those, 68% were due, in part, to driver distraction.

A separate study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety revealed that automatic full-braking systems curbed rear-end collisions by 40%. Vehicles equipped with audible attention warning systems had 23% fewer collisions. Researchers speculated that collisions nationwide would drop by about 13% if all vehicles had some automatic braking system in place.

The Verdict

Automatic braking has our approval, though they’re not a substitute for alert driving. Through years of customer interaction, we’ve learned that the collision claim process can be extremely stressful. This applies even for collisions only resulting in minor auto paint damage. In addition, warranties often don’t cover collisions where you were at fault, which braking systems are designed to prevent. This makes automatic brakes all the more relevant.

Avoid a Preventable Collision in Lynnwood

Absolute Auto Body recommends any technology that improves road safety. If you’re replacing an older vehicle, we suggest a newer model with this technology as standard equipment. Contact us for repairs if a collision occurs.

Automatic Braking Equipment Experts in Lynnwood

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Distracted Teen Driving: How to Talk to Your Child About Responsible Commuting in Everett

distracted teen driving everett

With school out, more teen drivers are naturally going to be on the road. Unfortunately, this also increases the possibility of collisions. Drivers under 20-years-old are the highest demographic at risk of distracted driving. How will you talk to your child about the dangers of distracted teen driving?

Set a Good Example

Can you effectively tell your teen to stay off the phone when you text & drive yourself? If you’re guilty of distracted driving, tell your child you’re in the process of improving safe driving practices. Let them know you want to practice safe driving together.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Some negative feedback is certainly warranted. However, praise goes much further. If your teen maintains the speed limit or ignores an incoming call, then give praise where due.

Establish a Pre-Driving Checklist

Make sure your teen performs several pre-driving functions before turning the ignition. These include:

  • Fastening seat belt
  • Adjusting the AC/heater to the desired temperature
  • Adjusting rear and side mirrors
  • Setting GPS navigation
  • Setting the radio to the desired station

Performing these actions before pulling out of the driveway reduces unnecessary distractions and keeps the driver focused on the road.

Practice in Heavier Traffic

Practice is the only way you get better at anything. Parents often only teach their children to drive when traffic is light. They usually don’t encounter peak traffic until they’re on their own. Be with your teen as they practice real-world traffic situations, such as merging onto a busy freeway. 

Stop Teen Distracted Driving This Summer

Aside from collision repairs, Absolute Auto Body also does auto painting touchup and other services. At times, motorists bring their car to us  with minor damage caused by an inexperienced young driver. Distracted teen driving is frequently a cause of collisions; talk to your child this summer about its dangers, and contact us today for all your auto needs.

Help with Distracted Teen Driving: Dependable Auto Collision & Dent Repair in Everett 

Quality Auto Body Collision Repairs in Everett & Lynnwood

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How to Prevent Auto Collisions with Cyclists in Everett

cyclist auto collision everett

Bicyclists account for roughly 2% of traffic fatalities, according to a recent report. While not a huge number, auto collisions with cyclists are on the rise. As drivers, our minds aren’t trained to watch for moving bicycles. Learn how to minimize an accident with a biker in Everett.

Check Before Turning

Most drivers know to scan for pedestrians before making a right turn. Do the same for cyclists because they tend to stay in the bike lane on the right. If making a left turn, you can avoid a collision by scanning for on-coming cyclists who need to cross the intersection. 

Check Blind Spots

Drivers are taught not to rely solely on the rear and side mirrors. You also need to turn your head to see behind you. So many drivers forget this and just quickly check the mirrors before making a turn or lane change. While you might be able to see a car in the mirror, a cyclist could be just out of sight. To avoid a collision with a cyclist, always look over your shoulder.

Don’t Accelerate

Some drivers accelerate when they see a bicyclist in order to pass by quickly. A cyclist in your rear, after all, is less worrisome than one in the front. However, maintain a slow and steady pace in case the cyclist makes a sudden move.

Change How You View Cyclists

You might find cyclists to be a nuisance. However, keep in mind they’re far more vulnerable than you. In a collision, you risk a dent or chip to the auto paint; they risk grave bodily injury. Remember, they have just as much right to be on the road as you.

Auto Collisions with Cyclists Are Completely Preventable

Occasionally, drivers come to Absolute Auto Body for minor repairs and other services after a mishap with a bicyclist. A collision with a cyclist is avoidable if you strictly maintain your road awareness.

Helping You Avoid Auto Collisions With Cyclists in Everett

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Faded Car Restoration: How to Make Faded Paint Look New Again in Lynnwood

faded car restoration lynnwood Just as you should protect your skin from UV rays in Lynnwood, it’s important to do the same for your car. Auto paint oxidization is a common problem and leads to the dreaded faded appearance. Fortunately, faded car restoration is possible; you can also minimize car paint fading with a few simple precautions.

What Causes Auto Paint Fading in Lynnwood?

The primary cause of car paint fading is exposure to ultra-violet sunrays, which bleach the paint. During sunny days, the car metal becomes very hot, which is also not good for the paint. The roof is usually the first area to begin fading.

Another cause of fading is the use of abrasive cleaners. Don’t use scouring pads or regular dish soap. Use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution formulated for vehicles. 

Even a minor collision can lead to faded paint due to the impact’s chipping the paint and exposing the metal.

Prevention Measures

Keep a consistent washing schedule. Regular washing protects the outer coating from degrading. You should also regularly apply wax. Aside from giving the paint a nice shine, it also adds an additional protective layer. Wax in liquid and paste form work especially well for cars with faded paint. Finally, park indoors when possible or at least in a shaded spot.

How to Restore a Faded Car

You may try a clay bar after washing the car. This removes much of the surface impurities that contribute to the faded appearance. For more severe fading, though, you may have to bring the car to a collision center for auto paint restoration. A technician can evaluate the condition of the paint and make an assessment.

We’re Experts in Faded Car Restoration

Car paint naturally loses its gloss and shine with age. Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body for an auto paint restoration session. View our gallery to see old vehicles that now look like new after a faded car restoration. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Faded Car Restoration for all Car Makes and Models in Lynnwood

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How to Identify Vehicle Frame Damage After a Collision in Lynnwood

frame damage lynnwood Many car owners only bring their vehicle to a collision shop if they see obvious visual signs of damage. We advise a checkup from a technician even if you’ve been in a seemingly minor fender bender. The car may have incurred frame damage even if the surface appears unscathed.

Look out for these signs of non-visual frame damage.

Car Veers in One Direction

After a collision, pay attention to whether the car pulls to one side. If you need to turn the wheel to drive in a straight line, you have a problem. This is usually an alignment issue but can also be a sign of frame damage.

Car Does the Crab Walk

A damaged frame may result in your car’s doing the “crab walk” while in motion. This occurs when the rear tires go in a different direction than the front tires. To determine if your car is crab walking, drive your car over wet pavement. Examine the tire tracks. If the tracks appear kind of zig-zag instead of straight, you may have a compromised frame.

Uneven Tread Wear

Finally, check for uneven tire wear. A bent frame can affect the suspension, leading to disproportionate tread wear. Of course, uneven tire wear is often a sign of misalignment or imbalance. However, if the tires aren’t wearing evenly after a regular alignment, balancing, and rotation, you have a frame problem.

Aside from the tires, we also recommend checking the doors, windows, mounts, and bolts. These components may show signs of stress even if the frame appears okay.

We Detect and Correct Frame Damage in Lynnwood

Aside from restoring surface-level damage, such as auto paint, we also diagnose the car for a bent frame. Our warranty covers frame repairs and ensures full crumple zone restoration. Bring your car to Absolute Auto Body after a collision. Let us inspect for hidden frame damage and restore your vehicle.

Auto Frame Damage Diagnosis and Repair Experts in Lynnwood & Everett

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Tips to Avoid Having a Parking Lot Collision in Everett

parking lot collision everett Here’s a little-known fact: roughly 13% of auto collisions occur in a parking lot. Granted, a parking lot collision is usually a lot less severe than those occurring on the highway; damages usually only result in a dent or scratched auto paint. Still, how can they be avoided?

How Collisions in Parking Lots Occur

The following are the most common collision scenarios drivers find themselves in:

  • Two cars back into each other
  • One car pulls out and into the lane of a passing car
  • Two cars collide while competing for the same parking space
  • A car rear-ends the car ahead at a stop sign

Who’s at Fault?

If the collision occurred while only one car is moving, the moving car is at fault. If both cars were in motion, the car that is backing out of a parking space is usually at fault. If both cars are pulling out, then both drivers share the liability.

How to Avoid a Parking Lot Collision

First, slow down. This sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many drivers zip through a crowded parking lot. Ease up on the pedal and scan for cars that abruptly pull out. Keep the speed at no more than five mph. This speed helps you maintain a 360-degree perspective of your surroundings. You should also signal every time you plan to turn into a lane or into a parking spot. Finally, always turn your head to observe when backing out. Never rely solely on your mirrors. Blind spots abound, especially if you’re parked between two vehicles.

We Fix Dents from Parking Lot Fender Benders

Bring your vehicle to Absolute Auto Body if you’ve been in a collision of any kind. Our gallery showcases some of our work, which includes dent repairs and auto paintingContact us today to schedule an appointment .

Been in a Parking Lot Collision in Everett? Repairs for Minor to Major Auto Collisions

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